Landscaping Services

Grounds Work Property Services offers a wide range of landscaping services to transform your property into a showpiece. We will consult with you and develop a plan that meets your vision and stays within your budget. The job is not complete until you are satisfied. Here are some of the details of the landscaping services we offer our customers.


We will work with you to customize a landscape design project to suit any and all of your interlock needs and follow through with a quality installation. Our team understands your home is likely your biggest single investment. That is why we will deliver breathtaking landscape designs that are personalized to your individual style.

In addition, we can provide repair work to lift, re-level, and re-lay existing interlock surfaces.




To edge the perimeter of your shrub beds, we dig down to a depth of about 3 inches. At your request, we can also create circular beds around your trees.

General Weeding

Before we mulch your beds, upon request, we hand weed all the areas.


If requested, we install a weed barrier before placing mulch at a thickness of approximately 2 to 3 inches.

Hedge Trimming

Aesthetically pleasing hedges can add value to your property while providing privacy and wind protection.

Small Load Delivery

Small loads of soil, mulch, riverstone etc. can be delivered to help you complete any projects you have on the go!


For further information, or for a free estimate of these services customized to your property, please CONTACT US!

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